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Pennsic Shiznit

Pennsic and Pennsic practice runs

May 18-21 at Cooper's Lake
Thu - Sun

Stuff Needed:

Hoses attached to water spigots must be equipped with a vacuum breaker and a y-connector (available for sale at the camp store)

1. Hose
2. Hose Vacuum Breaker
3. Hose Y-Connector

Arrange for firewood

Do not camp in "Quiet/Family" camping

Figure out where to try and camp:

10 Liter Kitchen Sink

Groups go through the land allotment process to determine where their campsite will be. Any group of people (represented by a land agent)
can request a campsite at Pennsic -- SCA local branches, households, friends with common interests, etc. Group registration takes place
from January 1 - June 1, 2006.

The space each group is allotted is determined by the number of people who pre-register to camp with them. If you plan on camping with a
particular group, list that group's name on your form when you pre-register. You MUST be in touch with the group's land agent before pre-
registering to camp with the group. The agent will give you the official registered name of the group, to avoid any confusion during the
allotment process.

When you check-in, the Pennsic book you receive will contain all group names and block numbers (locations).

Single camping areas are set aside for those people who do not wish to camp with a particular group. You can find out what spaces are still
available when you check in. Single campers are not required to pre-register, but it will save you time at check-in, and money.

Single campers cannot check-in before Sunday, August 6th. Single campers who arrive together may camp together. You may not save spaces for
your friend(s) arriving later.

Single campers who wish to arrive on Saturday of Land Grab must have filled out a Group Registration form, using their SCA name as the
"Group" name. They will be assigned single camping space.


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