no one (bunkertor) wrote in iomisfittoys,
no one

Some good ideas

Pennsic Ideas

One thing was people bring some of their own food from their pantries and we can make some meals from that. Save some money.

We don't want to waste space / money / time.

Any money we don't use will be given back.

Camping Tips

Target Clearance

I think this is a really good price. Which one do you think we should get?

Shower Stall

Start looking for common items now smart shoppers.

Instant Hot Shower

Tent Fan

Camp Cupboard

Camp Table

We can probably get wood and make our own temporary dining table.

Camp Kitchen

Folding Hammock
(this could be your bed this year janette)

Big Camp Cupboard

If we don't use the one in for our tent, we can donate ours

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